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:I am well aware of the problem, as I run the bot without the <code>-force</code> option (which means it asks me everytime it wants to remove an incorrect interwiki link, so I had to validate each and every one of them yesterday :-)). Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so I can't code the bot to remove interwikis to nonexistent projects. As I'm using the pywikipedia bot framework, I shall ask a developper if it is possible that a patch be coded, but in the mean time DragonBot won't remove those links…
:Note that, as there have been loads of incorrect interwikis to remove yesterday (both from the first run on cs.wikiquote and from more than 200 deleted pages on nl.wikiquote since the 1st of December), I am going to run DragonBot with the <code>-force</code> option exceptionally. It's going to speed things up a lot, as I'm not always in front of my computer to answer my bot's questionsgns ;-)
:Bye, [[Uživatel:Chtit draco|Chtit draco]] 09:24, 9. 12. 2007 (UTC)
Vimkdo jsi, az pujdes domu, rozbiju ti drzku. Zasrance.
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